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About Me

I'm on a Mission to move a million people into a life of VITALITY

My Background

Hi, my name is Prem Alvares and here is my vital purpose:

To Move millions of people into living a life of
Dynamic Vitality

We need an energetic life and health is only a small part of it. 

In my early years, I overlooked so many factors that eventually drove me to a low point, starting with physical health.

I’m a techie,  that built world class engineering teams from ground up with some jaw dropping success stories but it all lived out slowly eating away at me.

The Worry

A checkup showed that my cholesterol was raging high, 3 times over the borderline.

My waistline was accelerating an inch or so every few weeks.

Worst of all, I couldn’t sit longer  than 15 mins without getting huge shooting pain in my legs.

The only know way out was taking prescription lists that were taller than me.

The Resolve

I enquired, what led me to this situation? All I just got was the famous catch-all answer “heredity”

My refusal to accept this as the convincing answer, moved me  on a journey to discover, learn and test my self as a guinea pig.

My results were outstanding and dramatic.

I continued to help people for nearly 8 years, which was more like a hobby, until I finally moved someone who had gone so far down, that he had to have invasive surgery. He however was saved from the knife after following the Dynamic Vitality Program!

It was a revelation to me, that so many people might find themselves caught in the same futile situation.

There started my journey.

Health is the result of Vitality

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